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Like most properties, CDC Millennium Ortigas is offered complete with amenities. A private entrance to the buildings will be allotted along Sapphire Road. There will be a dedicated administration office and mailroom to address unit owners’ concerns and letter or package receiving needs.

A lobby and check-in will be furnished with an internet corner for guests and residents use. Two residence lounges or breakfast lounges will be provided for unit owners to hangout while trying to get to know other unit owners. It offers an opportunity to meet new people and grow acquaintances.

Two swimming pools will be placed at the building’s roof deck which offers a view of the busy city streets and towering buildings. There will also be allotted changing and shower areas. The pool area will feature lush gardens to add a touch of nature amongst the busy surroundings.

Four meeting rooms will also be provided that can be booked to hold private meetings, business opportunity meetings and even community-related gatherings. Gym junkies and people who always keep an active lifestyle will greatly benefit from the option to use service apartment facilities such as the gym or fitness center. Planning to do some laundries? A Common launderette will also be provided and can be used at a certain fee. Worried about who will look after your kids while you are away for a hard day at work? A daycare center will also be provided for resident kids to learn more and have a chance to interact with other kids of their age.

Meanwhile, the building itself will have two entrances and reception, 230 parking spaces, 9 elevators and 11 commercial spaces. The ground floor and level 2 will be reserved for commercial units. Level 3 will serve as Citadines Millennium Ortigas Manila serviced residence amenity floor. Levels 4 to 24 will be for Citadines Millennium Ortigas Manila serviced residence units where there will be 90 investor units available for purchase and will be given permission to operate as part of the serviced residence pool. Level 25 to 30 will be for 96 CDC Millennium Ortigas private residence units. Level 31 to 32 will be for Citadines Millennium Ortigas Manila serviced residence premier floor with VIP lounge and the roof top will house amenities for private residents.

The units are completed using quality finishes and fixtures to provide the best possible value for their investments. The main door will use high-pressure laminate wood veneer and the windows will be made from aluminum powder coated frame with panel glass.

Bathroom floors will feature homogenous 30 cm x 60 cm tiles with polish finish for the wall and matte finish for the floor. The fixtures include rain shower head, vanity mirror, countertop cabinet and dual flush water closet.

The kitchen will feature homogenous 60 cm x 60 cm floor tiles and fixtures include modular base, hanging cabinet, stainless steel sink with faucet and synthetic stone countertop. Flooring for the dining room and living room will use engineered wood flooring that is 120 mm x 1,210 mm. The wall and ceiling will be painted finish. Lastly, the bedroom will have engineered wood flooring, drywall partition and modular cabinet for the wardrobe.

Unit owners have the liberty to dress up their units any way they like; however, they may require obtaining necessary permits for some major revamps such as partitions, electrical installations, sprinkler relocation and many others.

The turnover of units for private residences was scheduled on the fourth quarter of 2016; however, the property is expected to be completed before year 2018 ends. To learn more about the available slots and units, contact authorized marketing representatives.

  • Private entrance along Sapphire Road
  • Mailroom and administration office
  • Swimming pool at the roof deck
  • Residence lounge
  • Meeting rooms
  • Option to use service apartment facilities (gym, day care center, meeting room, business center, launderette with fees)
  • Lobby and check in with internet corner
  • Residence lounge (breakfast lounge)
  • Meeting room with business service
  • Common launderette
  • Gymnasium
  • Swimming pool & changing area
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